November 9, 2017

Things I’m loving this month

Here’s what I’m loving this month.

Little Moons Spiced Pumpkin Pie Mochi

Pumpkin (1 of 1)

October and November are the time to celebrate the humble pumpkin, from hollowing them out for Halloween to creating a delicious pumpkin pie in honour of the American Thanksgiving celebrations, this great vegetable comes to the fore at this time of the year. With this in mind the clever people at Little Moons have launched a limited edition Spiced Pumpkin Pie edition of their Mochi ice cream bars in Whole Food Market stores across London. If you’ve never had a mochi, this is a great excuse to try them – especially as Little Moons swaps out the traditional red bean paste filling for gelato. The gelato is then wrapped in a sweet, soft mochi dough. These delicious pumpkin versions of the yummy spheres combine real pumpkin with an autumnal spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger. Another little bonus – each one is only 100 calories.

I used to eat Ice Cream mochi with my housemates all the time when I lived in Los Angeles, as there was a Japanese supermarket behind us and fell in love with the green tea ones there. These are a step up though – the pumpkin spicing is so delicious and unique. I might have to stock up the freezer while they are still available! Don’t worry if you miss out on these though as they also make Matcha Green Tea, Toasted Sesame, Coconut, Raspberry, Yuzu and Salted Caramel among others…so there’s plenty to choose from! (Buy six mochi for £1.25 each at Wholefoods in London)

Piccolo Foods


Move over mum guilt, there’s no need to feel guilty getting a Piccolo pouch out for your little one. With a huge variety of Mediterranean flavoured pouches, from yoghurt based breakfast ones, mixed fruit, risottos, mixed vegetables, fish pies, mac n’ cheese and so many more on offer, there is a huge selection to take you through baby weaning. The added bonus here? For every pouch sold, Piccolo donates one to a child in need.

Even if you are doing baby led weaning or have older children, these packs are great for on the go snacking, running through porridge to jazz it up or to encourage children to try new Mediterranean flavours and include more fruit and vegetables in their diet. Use the vegetable mixes with a cooked up pasta or serve as a toast topping.

These are my favourite baby food pouches by far and my little man, who turns his nose up at most purees these days, opting for finger foods instead, happily gobbles these down. Available in all good supermarkets.

A Place For Everything


I love sorting! I love finding a place for everything and regularly decluttering the house. I feel clearer in my mind, I feel there’s less dust and dirt hiding around the house and it genuinely makes me happy to live in a more ordered house. I’m the first to admit though, that sorting never seems to stop. I will have various piles around the house which need sorting, which expand and grow like their own lifeforms over weeks.

One thing that always helps with sorting is having some stylish and practical storage around the house. The perfect place to keep your shoes, a wine rack which makes a feature of the bottles you are collecting, a stair basket for taking things upstairs every night that don’t belong downstairs etc. If you too are planning on starting your sorting early and getting a head start on the new year’s resolutions to sort out the piles, then head on over to A Place for Everything, who funnily enough, have a place for everything.

YogOaty Shaken Udder Pouches


These new YogOaty pouches from Shaken Udder are fantastic for anyone looking for a portable, yoghurt treat. Great for lunchboxes, weaning babies  or adults alike, these delicious yoghurt pouches are smooth mixes of yoghurt, fruit and oats. With 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar or sweeteners, these can be enjoyed by anyone from 6 months upwards! Available online at Shaken Udder or in good supermarkets now.

All of the above were given to me to try for free. However, opinions are always my own and I am not required to write a positive review.

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  1. Yum. Pumpkin spice mochi sounds so delicious! I really want to try these..

  2. those mochi look totally yummy… and i am looking to find some storage for my bathroom coincidentally

  3. the little mochi moons look like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! so cute! and they must be just as tasty as they look!

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