October 10, 2017

Things I’m loving this month

Yet another month has flown by in the blink of the eye, so it’s now time for October’s ‘What I’m loving this month’ review section. Below is a round up of all the lovely things I’ve enjoyed reviewing this month.

Lobster Homeware


The aprons from Lobster Homeware aren’t just pretty, they are pretty much the most functional aprons known to man. With integrated oven gloves, which can also be removed and used separately or used as pot mats, you’ll never be hunting around for them while cooking again. There’s also a handy teatowel loop, deep pockets for filling with whatever you may need while cooking and uniquely, a mobile phone pocket. With a huge variety of designs and with a height adjustable feature, there really is an apron for everyone in the range. Available now for £25 from Lobster Homeware

Spontex Collect Range

I’m sure you’ve heard of Spontex before as they create household products which make cleaning easier for everyone. They make everything from cloths and scourers to gloves and floor care products. They’ve recently introduced the Collect range and I was sent a couple of products to try.


The Spontex Collect Max Indoor broom, not only looks stylish but has been designed to collect the maximum amount of dust and dirt in just one sweep. So easy to use, the mixed non scratch fibres wipe up all types of dirt which is attracted to the electrostatic blade, which is built into the brush. With a telescopic handle, the broom will reach everywhere you need it to. This is an easy to use broom and I definitely noticed the difference compared to my normal broom. It didn’t miss anything off the floor. (£12.99)


Why not pick up the matching Spill Collect Dustpan and Brush (£9.99) at the same time. It’s a great compliment to the broom and with its unique locking system, nothing drops out on the way to the bin. It also has a built in squeegee which made clearing up liquid messes a doddle.

 I Sea Pasta Tagliatelle


A delicious low carb alternative to pasta, I Sea Pasta is a seaweed designed to fool you into thinking it’s actually a pasta. It looks like tagliatelle but is actually 100% wild, handpicked seaweed from Irealnd.  With 80% fewer calories than pasta and packed with rich, natural goodness including Iodine, iron and Omega 3, this is an easy and tasty way to get some extra hidden vegetables onto your plate (and even the kids!) Another huge plus point…seaweed is incredibly sustainable and we should all be trying to include it in our diet

Available from Seamore for £4.28 a bag.

CAMRA’s Historic Coaching Inns Of The Great Northern Road & CAMRA’s Wild Pub Walks

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As Christmas draws ever nearer, why not take a look at CAMRA’s online shop for the perfect gift the real ale lover in your life. With a huge variety of books on offer, you’ll find something for everyone, from the beer fantastic, to the walker who enjoys an occasional stop at a pub along the way. My two favourite picks include CAMRA’s Historic Coaching Inns of The Great Northern Road and CAMRA’s Wild Pub Walks.

In the first book, Roger Protz takes us on a journey down the ‘route 66 of Britain’ which instead of diners has magnificent coaching inns. Find out more about the history of some of these fantastic watering holes and be inspired to take a roadtrip yourself. (£12.99)

CAMRA’s Wild Pub Walks by Daniel Neilson focuses on 22 walks in beautiful or remote landscapes which also happen to have a pub or two along the route. Be inspired during your hill walks to divert to one of the many great watering holes described throughout the book and perhaps enjoy a new route or two. There are plenty of different abilities of walks covered from long to short, challenging to easy. The book also covers a wide variety of areas from the highlands of Scotland to the Yorkshire Dales and Pembrokeshire. (£11.99)

Colgate® Enamel Strength Toothpaste


I’m a diet coke addict, and one of the downfalls of this addiction, among many, is that I worry about the enamel of my teeth. As we all know the chemicals in fizzy drinks can wear them down and make them weaker. For this reason I was excited to try out the new Colgate Enamel Strength Toothpaste. Designed to give your teeth added protection, helping to replenish and seal enamel, this toothpaste can help make teeth more resistant to acid damage. I tried this toothpaste for a month and was incredibly pleased with the overall look and feel of my teeth. They took on a smooth finish and a natural shine which they didn’t have before and I feel great in the knowledge that the toothpaste helped to strengthen my teeth 4 times more than regular fluoride toothpaste. £4.49 for 75ml. Available from all major retailers now.

Note: I was sent all of the above to review, but all opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

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