September 19, 2017

Things I’m loving this month…

I may have missed August, as it disappeared in a blur, but this month I’ve been busy hunting down some new ‘must try’ foodie favourites.

Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza


Available until 26th November, the new Deep Crust Pizza from Papa Johns features a buttery, seared crust with a fuller flavour and a light and fluffy dough which is deeper than normal. All cooked up in a specially created pan, the pizza also features a new vine-ripened tomato sauce and of course, an extra cup of cheese, spread across the entire pizza to create a caramelised, crispy cheese crust. Available with all the normal Papa Johns toppings. You may recently have spotted the Papa John team going ‘deep’ underground and handing out samples of the new pizzas to London Underground users to celebrate the launch.



Gourmosa are the creators of delicious and healthy Indian food including Chaat pots and vegetable Halwa desserts, which utilise a range of wholesome superfoods and traditional spice blends. They utilise traditional techniques, handed down through generations, but with a modern twist which will whet everyone’s appetite.

Available in Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco and Asda now.



Looking for a healthy, yet satisfying snack? Reach for a bag of the new South American superfruit – Goldenberries. A naturally tangy yet sweet berry, these are perfect as a snack or to add to smoothies, porridge, biscuits and much more.  Only 100g will give you 71% of the RDA of vitamin A and 60% of your RDA of potassium, as well as hits of vitamin c, iron and zinc, as well as vitamin B1. Also available covered in cocoa. Available in Ocado and Waitrose.

Nature’s Finest Mango Cheeks


These delicious slices of chunky mango are now available in 700g fridge packs. Great for baking, adding to cereal, taking into the office as a snack or just enjoying at home. Convenient and tasty, these mango cheeks are juicy and ripe, yet convenient. Available in all good supermarkets now.

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  1. Now my mouth is watering. I love Papa Johns pizza! I need to try some of these other items too!

  2. Papa John’s pizza is insanely good, now I want to order some tonight!

    Kimberly Love
    Author of Upcoming book, You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine,,,,

  3. Those goldenberries looks great! I always need new snacks

  4. This is all so yummy. Thanks for sharing the Papa John’s newcomer. I never knew chaat comes packed in such lovely cans. Mango is my favorite fruit. Everything here seems so delicious, I am going to buy them straightaway.

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