September 10, 2017

Once in a lifetime purchase

There aren’t many things these days which are made to last. In our throwaway society, it’s unusual to find items which are both affordable and designed to last a lifetime. There are a million reasons to buy quality over quantity, from saving the environment through to saving money and if you are looking for an item which will never need replacing and which will make cooking a breeze, then why not take a look at Morsø cast iron pans.

These beautiful pans are made by Morsø¸ who have been crafting cast-iron stoves since 1853 on the island of Mors in Denmark. In recent years they’ve used their knowledge of cast-iron to create a range of contemporary, high quality cookware. Remaining true to its Danish heritage, Morsø¸ has created a sophisticated range of pans which both look stylish on the table but also perform fantastically.

Cooking with cast-iron is always a joy, whether on the hob or in the oven, over time they absorb the flavours and seasonings from all your cooking, become non-stick by default and make each new dish tastier than the last.

I was sent four pans to try out at home for myself and have had a great time cooking up my usual meals as well as dabbling with some new recipes. Watch out on the blog for some new recipes using these beautiful pans soon.


The Multicocotte with Skillet Lid 


I’ve never seen a pan like this before -it is truly unique in its versatility. This pan is 3 in 1 and can be used as a large pot for casseroles, big dishes etc, a bread pan and amazingly enough, the lid can also be used as a roasting pan.

Throw out your extra pans and stick this in your cupboard, as it covers everything. This large pan can fit pretty much anything you imagine, from whole roast joints to casseroles to feed a small army.

If you only buy one cast-iron pan, then it has to be this one. Stick it on your wish list for Christmas now!

Casserole Dish 


I love this casserole dish, the perfect size for pretty much anything you fancy, from a whole-roasted chicken through to pasta, rice dishes, casseroles (of course) or even a soup, this pan does the job.

The cast-iron works really well to keep the heat in, which is great if like me, you get your timings wrong with the other dishes and need to keep it warm while everything else cooks!

This casserole dish also looks fab as you present your dish to your family or friends in the centre of the table.

Frying Pan and Saucepan

Both £119

These beautiful pans will be a kitchen staple for the rest of your life, guaranteed. These heavy pans work well on the hob to distribute the heat evenly and look beautiful with their oiled wooden handles, so can be presented on the table as well as used on the hob.

Remember, the more you use all of these pans, the better the flavour!

Keep an eye on the blog for some cast-iron recipe inspiration.

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