September 20, 2017

Ironing things out with Brabantia

Yes, it’s me again – back with another round of love for one of my favourite brands – Brabantia!

As you’ll know from my many previous posts, I’m a huge fan of the brand. I was recently offered the opportunity to review their new Ironing Board range and as always, jumped at the chance.


I chose the Dots ironing board, which as a bonus comes with a free XL beach towel. This fun board comes with a spotty cover and the saying ‘Spot Happiness around you’ emblazoned on the front, adding style and a touch of quirky fun to your mundane ironing chores.


This ironing board comes with a whopping seven different height settings – meaning your super tall husband, or petite wife has no excuse not to do their own ironing. A real bonus in my book!

It’s a nice stable board and the top is well padded. It also has a solid steam iron rest. We all know ironing is basically the most boring of chores in the house, but this board helps make it go as smoothly as it can! This particular board retails for £69 but with a 10 year guarantee, this board will keep going for a long time. As I often say on the blog, it’s worth splashing out on items which you often use, such as kitchenware and homewares, yet buying less of them. Let’s buy quality over quantity!

All ironing boards come with a 10 year guarantee as well as coming in a wide variety of designs, so check them out here to find out more.

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  1. not only are they adorable but they seem super useful and safe! I am definitely sending this to my mom! thanks!

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