December 11, 2016

Enjoying veggies with Mash Direct

A recent survey by the lovely people at Mash Direct discovered that British parents aren’t being swayed to eat trendy veggies like avocado and kale, even though they have huge marketing campaigns and celebrity faces behind them. The majority of parents surveyed will continue to serve up their old favourites such as potatoes, broccoli and peas.

It turns out the favourites are potatoes (76%), carrots (72%), peas (68%) and tomatoes (67%).

Surprisingly, the top instagrammed vegetables such as beetroot, kale, avocado and celeriac are the least liked by British families.

Over half of parents questioned admitted they wouldn’t buy a particular vegetable without knowing how to cook it in advance, which is why Mash Direct is a great solution, with their huge selection of ready prepared vegetables.

We were happily sent a selection of Mash Direct items to try and they are fantastic! So easy to just stick in the oven, all the preparation has been taken out of your hands and each different dish provides a great weekday solution. Simply pop in the oven when back from work and serve with some quick pan fry fish or meat and you’ve got a delicious, easy and quick meal.img_2frq8r

We tried a large variety, as you can see in the picture and my favourites were definitely the sweet potato fries – deliciously crispy, these will definitely be a family favourite, along with the sweet potato croquettes, which are fantastic home comforts. Great for one of those days when you need something warming and comforting. Mash Direct has so many items to choose from.

Visit MashDirect for more info on where to buy. You’ll find Mash Direct items in Iceland and Budgens as well as many other good retailers.


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