October 2, 2016

Beautiful Bedrooms with Sheridan

One of the things I love most about staying in hotels is the luxurious bedding – from the soft pillows and cosy duvets through to the crisp sheets and beautiful duvet covers. So, why not try to create this hotel luxury at home? Thanks to Sheridan, the producers of the most luxurious linens on the planet, hotel luxury is within reach.

I was sent the Beadmore duvet and pillow set to review and it’s been our favourite duvet cover since. Not only does it look great in our bedroom, but it also feels amazing. You can really tell the difference and my new goal is to have enough Sheridan for every sheet/duvet change for every room in the house. It may cost more initially than a John Lewis own brand duvet set, but in the long run, you know it will work out to be a bargain, as the quality is far superior.

Shot of the Beadmore duvet on my bed


The official shot


Take a look at Sheridan for their range of duvets and to purchase.

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  1. it is hard to find it at Sheridan site can u paste link to this duvet, it looks great, i am intrested….. really

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