April 25, 2017

Bathing Time

Sometimes all it takes is a long, warm bath to take you away from the stresses of reality. Simple pleasures can often be the best, as we all know.

If you are looking to make your bath time even more indulgent, then why not pick up one of these bathing must-buys.

Malki Dead Sea range

Dead Sea

This beautiful range of natural, paraben free products are based on ingredients from the Dead Sea.

I tried the wonderful mud mask soap. Simply use in place of your soap when sitting in the bath, leave on for a while and clean off for beautifully soft skin. I also tried the Sulpher soap and mineral soap which made my skin super soft. Both are great additions to your bathroom routine.

The full range of Maliki Dead Sea products are available from Boots.

Olverum bath oil


First created over eight decades ago, this beautiful relaxing bath oil is a timeless classic for one reason. It works. Invented in 1931 and still in the same format today, this beautiful bath oil combines a unique formula of essential oils which help ease stress and relax tension to bring you back to life.

As the oil is so concentrated, you only need to use half a capful per bath, meaning your bottle will last a long time!

Available online here for £26 for 125ml (enough for 25 baths!)

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